Guiding You Through Every Step of a Move


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The Candidate Experience

After an initial phone call, we will meet with you to gain a thorough understanding of your practice, career aspirations and what you want to achieve from your next move. At this meeting we will talk you through current market trends, our approach to the recruitment process and the options available to you. We will discuss any roles or client requirements which meet your criteria and agree a strategy for pursuing opportunities which are of genuine interest. At this stage we can answer questions you may have about specific firms and companies, and listen to any thoughts or concerns you have about the process ahead.

CVs, Business Plans and Approaches

Part of our service is to assist candidates in the preparation of their CV and Business Plan and how best to present your career on paper. While these documents are very personal to you, we are expert in providing advice on content and format. Once you are happy with these documents we’ll make any approaches to which you have expressly agreed. We think it is best practice to have a paper trail, so will ask you to consent to any official CV approach in writing. If you would prefer a more informal approach to a firm or role we can also accommodate that.


A crucial part of our relationship with you is advice during the interview process. We will guide you through the conversations you are likely to have during these meetings and help you prepare if need be.

We will also be in regular contact with our clients, facilitating a constructive dialogue. If relevant we can assist with communicating your business plan as things progress.


Cayley Coughtrie provide an honest assessment of likely remuneration structures for particular roles from the outset. We are adept at negotiation, and will be your advocate during this sensitive stage of your search.

We encourage candid conversations about remuneration from an early stage to avoid unpleasant surprises, and ultimately to achieve the right outcome for you and for our client.